Between Page and Screen

SpringGun Press (May, 2016)

Project Website:

Created in collaboration with programmer Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen is a book of poems that contains no text, only stark black-and-white geometric shapes and a web address leading to, where the reader follows instructions to display the book on his or her webcam. Our software detects the square markers in the book and projects poems mapped to the surface of the page. Because the animations move with the book, they appear to inhabit “real” three-dimensional space—a kind of digital pop-up book.

The poems—a series of cryptic letters between P and S, two lovers struggling to define the bounds of their relationship, do not exist on either page or screen, but in the augmented space between them opened up by the reader.

Originally created as a limited-edition hand-made artist’s book, Between Page and Screen was published in 2012 by Siglio Press and went through two printings. A second edition is now available from SpringGun Press. Readers interested in book arts and book history can print and bind their own copy and create their own augmented reality poems using our DIY tools. For more information, visit


Entre Hoja y Pantalla. Trans. Roberto Cruz Arzabal, Cinthya García Leyva, María Andrea Giovine Yáñez, Susana González Aktories y Ana Cecilia Medina Arias (LLEOM). Mexico City: Cultura UNAM, 2019.



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