Slope Editions (March 2012)

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Handiwork explores the relationship between writing and torture—the ways poetry can wound us, and the ways it wrestles with language itself. Combining constraint-based writing with fragmented lyricism, the book considers the social and cultural role of the writer with respect to history and memory, and what gets lost in the transmission of trauma from one generation to the next.

“A New Vessel,” one of the poems from the manuscript, was selected by Ilya Kaminsky as winner of the 2011 Gulf Coast Prize. It appears online. Other poems from Handiwork have appeared in The Society for Curious ThoughtThe Destroyer, and Cutbank.



An audio recording of “The Smell of Rain on Surfaces” is at InDigest, “Five Simple Machines” is at The Poetry Project, and “A Show of Hands” is part of the 2012 MLA marathon reading.

I also read from and discussed the book as part of an interview with Leonard Schwartz for his Cross Cultural Poetics podcast, and as part of a reading I gave with Andy Fitch at the Segue Series.

Videos of me reading from the book include a selection from the final section, “Tonal Saw,” for InDigest’s “Last Reading on Earth Ever: A Marathon of Apocalyptic Writing” series, a few poems for the FREQUENCY series (video by Amish Trivedi), and several others as part of Evergreen State College’s Art Lecture series.