Pomegranate Eater

Kore Press (April 2016)

Available through Small Press Distribution or Kore Press Website.

Pomegranate Eater’s “radiant host” lives where fecundity meets decay, where the orderly Victorian garden explodes in wild tendrils. In rich and densely-layered confections, these poems invite us to devour self after self as the text’s shifting speaker builds and rebuilds an identity in language. Through prose poems interrogating the self in the guise of various fruit, epistles obliquely addressing a shadow lover, and dense lexical tapestries whose words seem to point only away from meaning and toward one another, Pomegranate Eater lets language speak, directing our gaze at its shimmering surfaces.

Poems from Pomegranate Eater have appeared in The Chicago Review, Colorado Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Eleven Eleven, FIELD, Emohippus Greeting Card Series, Harp & Altar, New American Writing, Ocean State Review, Pleiades, and Poetry Flash.


  • Reading from Pomegranate Eater at CU Boulder, September 2016.
  • Reading with Sarah Mangold at Open Books, Seattle, May 21, 2016.



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